Just as with the many men who have gone down this road before us, the red pill is a tough one to swallow. It is in direct contradiction to all the things we have been told by basically everyone else in the world as we were growing up. The hardest part is thinking that having the red pill attitude sooner may have saved my marriage, my previous relationships, made things easier with Pamela, or helped me to have a relationship with Dawn.  The thought of living out the rest of my life with the hard 8.7 on the Richter Scale sounded and felt like it would be amazing. But I’m not sure that it it would have been easy.  And in all honesty, it probably wouldn’t work at this point  

The Red Pill Proverbs have made it easier for me to accept the fact that some of them were done before they even began. More importantly the Red Pill Proverbs have helped me to now see the red flags that women had been waiving at me, even though I was unable to see them at the time. WrongIn reality I did see the red flags, but didn’t want to admit to myself that they were there. I am hopeful that the Red Pill Proverbs will help us to see red flags in the future, and make it easier for us to either set things straight right off, or recognize sooner that things just would never work out with that person, and to move on. More than anything else it shows that trying to rekindle a failed relationship is one of the worst things we can do, because she’s already shown us who she really is the first time around. People don’t change, they just become a clearer version of who they really are. See Proverbs 11, 54, 103, 121, 128, 178, 188, 238, 261, 301, 448, 484, and 515. She will never really change. At best it is an act and not real. Not now, and not ever! At worse, she’s just playing us until she finds the next brach to swing to, and we get hurt again. Don’t let that happen.

Like most men, one of the most stressful things I have to deal with is communicating with my EX. Whether it be about the children or whatever drama she is trying to push on to me, the Red Pill Proverbs have helped me to set and enforce boundaries with her. I no longer put up with the “shit tests”, or any of the other nonsense that she has pushed on me over the past several years, and during our marriage. My EX has tried to play me, and I am sure that yours is playing you now.

Another good read for men in our position is “The Predatory Female” by Lawrence 51Nf6vOwSYL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Shannon. This hard-hitting yet uproariously funny book is so loaded with succinct, experience-based facts, that every man who has experience with women will see many or all of his EX’s within its pages. Only this time, those women will be revealed for who they really are. It may make you angry, it will always make you laugh, but it will surely make you agree!
And you will be better prepared for the next encounter. You can find a .pdf of this book at It is worth the download. You will end up laughing to yourself like an idiot when you see parts that remind you of your EX. I know that I do when I read them.

If you are working in to a relationship with a new person, keep the red pill proverbs handy and regularly check them to see if any red flags are being waived at you. Move quickly to set things straight, or to push the big red ejection button before you invest too much of yourself on a doomed relationship and end up getting hurt again. If you are making the mistake of letting an EX come back in to your life romantically, you need to remember that she hasn’t changed and will never change. She has already shown you who she really is the first time around. Ask her if she’s ever tried to grasp another branch while trying to fix things with you. If she says no, she is a liar and you need to cut the rope asap. How do I know?  She tried swinging to me, and I’ve kept the pics she sent me!  If she says yes, she wasn’t 100% invested in fixing things with you for real during that time, but at least she’s being honest about it. For once…

I wish you luck. Because you need it…



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