After a failed long term marriage, and then losing destroying the relationship with Pamela, I decided to take a break and just see how things went on their own for awhile. I went out with a few women every now and then, but never really feeling or getting serious with any of them.

That was until a “certain person” wandered in to my life.


Dawn was young, funny, intelligent, kind, and incredibly sexy.  She pushed every one of my buttons without even trying to. She is a hard 8.7 on the Richter Scale to me.


No woman has ever come anywhere close to being that attractive to me before.  Pamela is the most amazing woman in all of time and space.  But Dawn is absolutely stunning to me.  Just being around Dawn and seeing her smile at me made me feel amazing!  She’s just all that and so much more.  I wanted her to be “the one”.  And in all honesty, I still kinda do.

I had been warned by a few people that she wasn’t worth the effort. Even the nicest person in the building told me several times that she wasn’t worth doing something nice for. But I didn’t listen. Things with her were never easy. She’d go from friendly and touching me every time we saw each other, to vanishing for days without any contact, and then back to sending me texts at all hours of the night while she was at work. 

I had been struggling with trying to understand her ever since we started getting friendly with each other, but nothing seemed to make things easier. I missed every red flag she was showing me, because of my “oneitis” and wanting her to be “the one”. It was a pretty pain-filled rollercoaster, and nothing I said or did seemed to help.

Then one day I wandered across the “Geezer and the Red Pill” thread by a poster named “Nordo” on my favorite web site, and it really opened my eyes to what was going on and why. The following are pieces of advice that I found on the same web site in a thread titled “The Red Pill Proverbs” by a poster named “DirtMedic”. He spent an awful lot of time reading posts from various web sites, and putting them together for others to read.

These have helped me understand what happened and why. Even though my heart wishes that things would have worked out with her, the proverbs have shown me why it wasn’t easy and probably wouldn’t work the way I was doing things. 

I wish you luck. You’ll need it…




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